About Us

The Italian School is a cultural association founded in 1995. Our aim is the diffusion of the Italian language and culture in Italy and abroad.

Our association’s  main aim is the  favouring  of intercultural contacts and exchanges among different people and cultures all over the world.
We organize language courses (Italian for foreigners, English, French, German, Spanish,Chinese, Russian , Arabic, Latin and Greek for ancient cultures lovers) all year round. We also schedule lectures, refresher courses for language teachers, film shows.
According to the memorandum of the Association we also arrange cultural activities and guided excursions to the surrounding areas of interest (Wild Areas, Parks, Nature Reserves, Museums, Devotional Paths , ancient villages).

Our cultural activities at the Hotel il Chiostro, usually scheduled in the winter, range from  lectures about the territory, (Valgrande, Fondotoce Natural Reserve) and the food and drinks of the area (Slow Food, Erba Bona, the Honey of our Province ) to the typical food and drinks of other cultures (Scotland, the U.S.A.) We just mention a few experts who gave lectures at the Hotel “Il Chiostro”, Angelo Sommaruga, Claudio A.Vicari, Monica Perin and Gino Carissimi, Roberto Gozzi, Danilo Vassura, Valeria Tantardini, Lauren Crow and Sandra Spence, Massimo De Marinis.
But our main activity is the teaching of the Italian language. Our students come from the U.S.A., Kazakhstan, Sweden, Russia and Germany. A very high percentage of our students come from the U.S.A.. They are seminarians from the Pontifical North American College who come to Italy to attend the Università Gregoriana in Rome. They need to learn Italian effectively and quickly, so we organize intensive courses for them.

Other students want to learn foreign languages to improve in their career so they attend “full immersion” courses for short periods.( up to 5-6 hours a day for 3-4 weeks).